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Updated on August 12, 2018

Thank you for using AERON! Here are the details of our general conditions of use. 
For any questions relating to this subject, do not hesitate to write to us:

I. Objet.

These general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "General Conditions of Use") are concluded between:

Aeron IVS, (Entrepreneurial limited company "Iværksætterselskab") is registered in Copenhagen under CVR No. 39600145, whose registered office is: c / o Founders House Njalsgade 19 D, 1. - 2300 København S;

And the User (as defined below) of the website. The Website is operated by AERON IVS and designed to put drone enthusiasts in contact with drone owners and drone professionals, in order to enable them to rent, buy or rent a service (as defined below).

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to govern the terms of use and the terms of use and rental, as well as to define the rights and obligations of the Users put in contact.

Any access and / or use of the website implies unreserved acceptance and compliance with all terms of these Terms and Conditions.

They may be supplemented, where appropriate, by conditions of use specific to certain Services. In case of contradiction, the special conditions prevail over the General Conditions.

II. Term and Definitions.

"Listing" means an online publication from a Lender or a Service Provider on the Platform, setting forth the terms and conditions of rental and use of Service of a property of which it is the owner.

"Object" means a drone, which rental is offered on the Platform by a Lender.

"User Account" means the account created by a user on the platform under the conditions of the article "Creation and use of a User Account" of these Terms.

"Platform" means the webwebsite accessible at the address which constitutes the technical platform made available by AERON IVS, subject of the Terms of Use. The legal relationship therefore exists between the owner and the lessor and not between the platform and the lender / borrower.

"Booking" means the agreement between the lender user of a drone and the borrowing user, as set forth in the announcement and accepted by both parties.

"User" means any visitor to the publicly accessible webwebsite at and / or who has created a user account.

"Borrower User" means any user who has made a rental reservation with the lending user.

"User Lender" means any user offering to rent a drone which he has full enjoyment.

III. Conditions of use of the platform.

AERON cannot guarantee the establishment of an uninterrupted service and / or continuous access to all services offered anywhere. AERON may make improvements or modifications to the platform at any time and excludes any guarantee of quality, truth, accuracy, fitness for a particular purpose, ownership and non-infringement. No content or information provided by the Platform can be interpreted as constituting a guarantee.

AERON will in no case be liable, whatever the basis of the action for liability invoked, direct and indirect damages (nor any damage that would result from misinterpretation of a listing, misinformation or defamation) resulting from, or related to the use or formatting of information rebroadcast by the Platform.

It is strictly prohibited any use of the contents available on the platform in an illegal way or in a way to harm AERON, the Users or any third party, in any way, to hinder, distort or interrupt the smooth running of the activity of the platform.

The user guarantees AERON of any request, claim or action based on the potential infringement of the rights of a third party by its actions. AERON reserves the right to delete a listing or comment at any time.

AERON IVS cannot be held responsible for any improper use, or listing on the platform by a third party. The responsibility of AERON can in no way be sought because of the comments left by users, listings, or the information mentioned on their accounts.

IV. Responsibility of  the plateform.

As a service provider via the Aeron Platform, (,) we cannot be held responsible for any wrongdoing whatsoever. AERON IVS connects the drone owners or drone professionals who are solely responsible for their listings. The sole responsibility of AERON is to make every effort to detect and remove listings that are not in compliance with the law or its policy. However, AERON IVS cannot be held responsible for a non-compliant listing of which it has no knowledge.

When members accept a booking, they enter into a contract between themselves and must honor it in accordance with the law and everyone. AERON does not act as an agent of any member except for the terms of payment.

AERON IVS makes available a tool and technical means allowing the connection for the purpose of concluding a service contract. Its responsibility is limited to the provision of these means, as described in these general conditions of use and the contact between users.

AERON IVS, is a legal entity. The borrowing user is a natural person. Both are independent, each acting in his own name and on his own behalf.

V. Creating and account.

  • The User declares to be over 18 years old.

If the User registers in a professional capacity, he acknowledges having the authority and the legal power to bind the entity in whose name he is acting.

  • The User guarantees to provide accurate and fair information and to update this information in case of modifications.
  • The identifiers used to create a User Account must respect public order and the rights of third parties. In particular, the following are prohibited: pornographic, racist, violent identifiers, as well as identifiers borrowing or recalling a trademark, and generally any terms or expressions likely to infringe the rights of third parties.
  • These identifiers are strictly personal and must not be communicated to third parties. The user is the sole guardian and fully responsible for the preservation of this confidential nature and the use of his identifiers. He must take all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized or fraudulent use of his account. AERON IVS never asks for any reason whatsoever to a user to give him his identifier and any request in this regard must be considered fraudulent.
  • In the case where the creation of the user account is done by use of an authentication service provided by a third-party service in particular (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.), the user's identification information will be obtained by the user. through these authentication services. The User agrees to ensure that the identification information declared to these authentication services is accurate and to update them in the same way. AERON will not be held responsible for damages, losses or expenses incurred or incurred by the user or a third party because of the access obtained by an unauthorized person to the spaces reserved for users as long as this access does not result a fault of AERON.
  • Failure to comply with any obligation to identify and provide accurate information of the user may result in the suspension or cancellation of the account of the user.

VI. Using and account.

1. The user account is created and used under the sole responsibility of the person creating it. The user account allows:
  • To access a private area on the Platform.
  • View the present listings.
  • Publish listings.
  • To make a booking.
  • To access the messaging.
  • To get in touch with other users.
  • Receive notifications from the platform.
  • To contact the AERON’s team.


2. The User may close or suspend his account at any time without notice or charge.

3. AERON reserves the right, without notice or compensation, to temporarily or permanently suspend or delete the account of a user in case of breach of the rules defined in these Terms.

4. Closing an account for any reason may result in the loss of all the data and benefits conferred on the user. Under these conditions, it is the responsibility of the user to take the necessary measures to keep his data. AERON cannot be worried in any way.

VII. Publication of an Announcement.

The lending user expressly acknowledges and agrees that the listing, which may contain personal information that he publishes from his account, are accessible to anyone accessing the platform.

The lending user may publish via his account a listing to propose the rental/purchase of a drone or a service of which he is the sole owner.

This listing must contain, imperatively:

  • The precise description of the drone.
  • The precise location of the drone.
  • The availabilities of hiring.
  • The precise and exact state of the drone.
  • The precise and exact list of the features of the drone or service.
  • The accurate and exact list of equipment provided with the drone or service.
  • The user, by registering declare to have taken knowledge of these general conditions. Thus, he alone is held responsible for the content of his announcement and possible consequences following the non-compliance of the rules in force.

VIII. The booking

AERON IVS, provides a service of a technical nature and is remunerated for this purpose via a commission taken on the bookings. The mechanism for implementing a booking is as follows:

The borrowing user makes a booking request. After confirmation of the lender, the borrower must make the payment at the rate indicated for the booking to be validated. In case of refusal, the lender does not have to explain the reasons of the latter. The lack of response to a booking request is also worthless. Once the booking is confirmed and paid, the parties are informed by notification of the confirmation of the rental/purchase agreement.

In case of non-compliance with the booking agreement, AERON IVS may suspend or delete the account of a user but cannot be held responsible for the dispute.

The price is stated on the listing must be paid by the borrower.

The lender freely fixes the daily rate for the rental of his drone.

The prices are displayed in euros all local taxes included, if any (local VAT and other applicable taxes) unless otherwise indicated.

The price includes in addition to the lender's rate; the payment partner commission "Stripe Connect". The use of the platform, and thus the commission taken by AERON IVS, for its fixed and technical costs, management, corrective and evolutionary maintenance. This commission is 7%. This is deducted from the amount to be collected by the payer during the settlement.

IX. Paiement terms.

Payment is made via "Stripe Connect" by direct debit from the customer's credit card number or by SEPA Direct Debit.

The levy is implemented by Stripe, which alone retains the bank details of the user. As such, AERON does not retain any bank details.

The borrowing user guarantees to AERON that he has the necessary authorizations to use the method of payment chosen. The borrower undertakes to take the necessary measures so that the automatic deduction of the price of the service can be made.

X. Concellation of  a Reservation.

Only rentals with reservations are the subject of this cancellation policy, AERON offers no guarantee, of any nature whatsoever, in case of cancellation, from the lender or the borrower. AERON cannot be held liable for any compensation.

The cancellation of a rental with reservation by the lender or by the borrower after the confirmation of booking is subject to the stipulations below:

  • In case of cancellation attributable to the user:

The borrowing user is reimbursed for the full amount paid except for his participation in the fees and related service charges. This is particularly the case when the lender cancels a rental or purchase or is not at the meeting point no later than 15 minutes after the agreed time; The borrower hereby accepts the responsibility for the booking and the outstanding costs. 

  • In the event of cancellation attributable to the borrowing user:

If the borrower cancels the booking within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment with the lender, or more than thirty minutes after the booking confirmation, then the borrower is reimbursed the full amount of the amount he has paid, the lender receives no sum of any kind whatsoever.

If the borrower cancels less than 24 hours before the scheduled meeting time with the lender, or if he does not show up at the meeting place at the latest within 15 minutes of the date agreed time, no refund will be possible. The lender will receive the amount to be collected in respect of his tenancy. AERON will retain all participation fees and services are retained.

AERON appreciates in its sole discretion, on the basis of the elements at its disposal, the legitimacy of the reimbursement requests it receives

XI. Liability of the Lender.

Lenders are solely responsible for the provision of their drone when they accept a booking.

XII. Liability of the borrower.

Each borrower is responsible for any damage and damage that may be caused in and through its use. Major borrowers accompanied by minor children are the only ones responsible for their safety and any damage they may cause.

XIII. Rules and commitment to good behavior.

Users commit themselves to not divulge to third parties their identity or any information of a personal and private nature.

The user formally agrees not to use the drone outside an activity for which it was designed. The borrower agrees to the lender and to AERON IVS, from such use in accordance with the custom, and formally agrees to comply with all applicable laws. The consumer is solely responsible for interpreting and complying with the law. AERON cannot be held responsible for any misuse of the drone, and reserves the right to report, communicate, or collaborate with the authorities for any act of malpractice harmful to the safety of one or more individuals, if she asked them. As such, AERON IVS informs and recommends to all users to get closer to the information provided by the drone manufacturers. You can also visit the local applicable laws on your local authorities’ rules. Here is the French government link:

The borrower and the lender undertake to make fair use of the website and services and expressly refrain from circumventing the services and the Website. As a result, when a borrower and a lender are connected through AERON, they undertake to contract exclusively through that same intermediary. And those both for the rental or purchase concerned and for future rentals or purchases. Any user noticing a circumvention of AERON's services, or prompted by another user to bypass them, agrees to immediately inform AERON.

Similarly, any user is prohibited from performing any extraction of content from the website for a similar or competing activity, or for recruitment purposes. Failure to comply with this commitment will result in the automatic application of a fixed compensation of 1,000 euros due to AERON, without prejudice to any other liability action that may be brought against them by AERON.

XIV. Exclusion of guarantee.

AERON IVS expressly excludes any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, peaceful enjoyment or non-infringement as well as any warranty arising from commercial usage.

Each user is responsible for his communications and interactions with other users of the platform, its publications, announcements, comments.

Users of the platform are reminded as consumers that AERON is fully liable on the basis of the applicable legal provisions for the proper performance of its obligations under these Terms of Use, except in the event of any breach attributable to either the user himself, either to the unpredictable and insurmountable of a third party to the contract, or to a case of force majeure.

AERON IVS, can not be held responsible for consequential damages, as well as loss of profits, losses of data, damage to the reputation, interruptions of the service, computer damages or system failures, or the cost of the cancellation of the booking, whether such damage is direct or indirect, where such damage results from or is related to the use or inability to use the platform, the communication, interaction or encounter with other users, whether such damage is based on a warranty, contractual liability or, to the extent permitted by the Product Liability Act or any other legal basis.

The user guarantees and will compensate AERON at first request for any damage suffered by AERON and against any claim for liability against AERON on the terms of the rental or purchase of the drone and services, the violation of any right of a third.

Under the terms of this contract, AERON's liability will be pecuniary limited to the equivalent of the rental or purchase price between the users.

AERON undertakes to take all reasonable care to fulfill its obligations. The parties agree that AERON IVS has an obligation of means and not of results towards its users.

XV. Notification of illegal content.

In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004, AERON IVS, as a technical intermediary, is not subject to a general obligation to monitor information circulating on its platform.

Anyone wishing to make known to AERON, the distribution of manifestly illicit content must provide all the information to locate the content in question on the platform and specify the unlawful nature of the content. This request should be sent to:

Upon receipt of the request, AERON will assess the illegal nature of the notified content and, if necessary, act promptly to remove the listing concerned and make access impossible.

In accordance with the provisions of article 6-I-4 of the law n ° 2004-575 of June 21st, 2004, the fact, for any person, to present to AERON a content or an activity like being illicit for the purpose of to obtain the withdrawal or to stop the dissemination, while she knows this inaccurate information, is punishable by up to one year's imprisonment and a fine of EUR 15,000. In the event of receipt of a notification stating content constituting offenses of apology for crimes against humanity, incitement to racial hatred, or relating to child pornography, AERON will inform the competent public authorities.

XVI. Personal data.

AERON strives to protect the privacy of its users by respecting the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of 25 May 2018.

Personal data concerning users is collected and processed by AERON to enable:

  • Identifying the user and logging on to the platform (some services require identification for use), facilitate navigation on the Platform.
  • To improve the functionality and comfort of navigation on the Platform in order to best meet the expectations of users, to allow the User to communicate with other Users.
  • To send marketing, advertising, promotional or other information to Users, geolocation of people and property.
  • The user agrees to provide only real, fair and lawful information, and will keep AERON informed of any changes or changes to them.
  • The user is informed that cookies may be installed automatically when using the Platform. AERON uses cookies to manage User Accounts, improve navigation on the Platform, identify "bugs" and identify new features desired by Users.
  • The user is informed that he can refuse cookies by consulting the help section of his internet browser.
  • In application of articles 38 to 40 of the law 78-17 of January 6th, 1978, the user is informed that he has a right of access, interrogation, rectification or suppression of the data concerning him. For this purpose, he must contact by mail: AERON IVS - c / o Founders House Njalsgade 19D, 1. - 2300 København S.

AERON may change its policy regarding personal data. If AERON wishes to use the personal data in a manner different from those stipulated in this article, AERON undertakes to always comply with the regulations in force and to notify these changes in a visible manner and on this page.

The processing of this personal data set up is the subject of a declaration to the CNIL (, in accordance with the French law "Informatique & Libertés" n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 and modify by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of 25 May 2018.

XVII. Intellectual property.

1. From the website.

The systems, software, structures, infrastructures, databases and contents of any kind (texts, images, visuals, music, logos, brands, databases, etc.) exploited by AERON within the website are protected by all rights of intellectual property or rights of database producers in force.

The website and in particular all the elements which compose it, and not limitation, the texts, the images, the videos, the photographs, the marks, the logos, the names, the domain names are the exclusive property of the Company or of that of its partners.

These elements are protected by the laws on intellectual property and the production of databases in force, including copyright.

All disassembly, decompilation, deciphering, extractions, reuse, copies and more generally, all acts of reproduction, representation, distribution and use of the Website or any of the elements that compose it, without the authorization of AERON is prohibited, and constitute an infringement sanctioned by the Code of Intellectual Property and may be subject to prosecution.

2. Content.

Any user who publishes content on the website retains full ownership of everything that it publishes.

By communicating content through the website, the user expressly authorizes the company to use, broadcast, host, store, reproduce, communicate, publish, modify, adapt, translate and display all or part of the content on the Website, the networks the blogs operated by the latter and / or on any other media (including physical and digital media, press kits, commercial support, promotional and / or advertising material), by any means, for the purpose of exploitation, improvement, promotion, marketing, advertising services and the website or for the needs of the establishment of partnerships. This authorization is valid for the whole world and for the duration of the registration of the user. The user acknowledges that any use of its content made by the company prior to unsubscription, deletion or termination of his account cannot be questioned.

XVIII.  Specific clauses for the user acting as a professional.

Any user acting as a professional agrees to report it to AERON, when creating his user account.

Any professional user agrees to explicitly indicate this when using the platform, especially in its listings, requests and Bookings.

AERON reminds the user acting as a professional that he has the obligation to comply with applicable laws and regulations and in particular with regard to consumers and the exercise of an online business activity. He thus undertakes to respect all his obligations, declarative, information, guarantee, retraction.

XIX. Miscellaneous.

The user acknowledges that he has the ability to save and edit these Terms using the standard functions of his browser.

AERON reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time. These are enforceable throughout the life of the platform and until new Terms replace them.

Any use of the Platform by the user after modifications of the Terms of Use implies acceptance by the latter of the news. This online version prevails over any version printed at an earlier date.

XX. Applicable law and jurisdiction.

These Terms, and more generally the relations between AERON and its users, are governed by European law. Before any court seizure for any reason whatsoever, the parties undertake to seek an amicable solution.

For any other questions about your rights and the use of the platform you can send an email to: