2 DJI Inspire 1 Drone’s plus many extras

For sale are 2 full DJI Inspire 1 Drones and accessories. Below is the full list of everything that is included in this sale. One of the two drones has been upgraded to carry a DJI X5 camera. (the X5 camera is in the pictures but NOT included in this sale) Both drones will come with the 4k DJI X3 camera. One of the drones is paired with two transmitters (controllers) so one person can operate the drone while the other operates the camera. Also included with this sale is the Smart Power Charger that allows you to charge 4 batteries at the same time while also charging two transmitters and 2 tablets or phones. The charger gives you the option to do deep cell discharge and charges on the batteries extending the lives of the batteries and improving battery performance. Please reach out with any questions or interests. Message me for a link to some highlight footage I have shot with these drones.

Whats included in this sale:

2 - DJI Inspire 1 Drones (one upgraded to carry the DJI X5 camera package, X5 camera not included)

2 - DJI X3 4k Cameras

1 - Smart Power Charger

5 - 100 Watt single station Chargers (one is still brand new in the box)

9 - Drone Batteries, 7 - TB48 5700 mHa batteries and 2 - TB47 4500 mHa batteries

3 - DJI Inspire 1 Transmitters

2 - Tablets (one google and one samsung, I would recommend using a newer tablet or phone when using the DJI GO app because the tablets are old and don't run the new app)

7 - sets of Brand New not opened DJI quick release Inspire 1 propellers (14 blades total)

4 - sets of Brand New not opened DJI screw on Inspire 1 propellers (8 blades total)

9 - Polar Pro ND filters for the DJI X3 camera

4 - Sun shades for tablets, phones or monitors used with transmitters

2 - DJI Inspire 1 Travel cases

1 - AWP bag for all extra components

2 - sets of brand new DJI quick release propeller harnesses

cables for power and data transfer

Type: Drone
Caractéristiques: Volant
Marque: Dji
Dâte d'achat: 2016
Système d'exploitation:
Évitement d'obstacle. (Directional Environment Sensing)
Retour automatique. (Back Home )
Suivre un objet en mouvement. (Active Track)
Pilote automatique. (Tapfly)
Commande par reconnaissance gestuel. (Gesture mode)
Vue en direct
Atterrissage automatique
Caméra intégrée: OUI
Résolutions: 4K et +
Nombre de batterie: 9
Set d'hélices
Sac de transport
Carte SD
Support pour tablette et téléphone
Cache soleil
Harnais pour télécommande
Autres accessoires: All batteries in working order.
Compact: OUI
Informations complémentaires: Both in great working order.

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