Phantom 4 Pro - like New Condition

It's in like new condition (I would say new but it's been flown two times), everything works perfectly.

Theres about $3000 worth of gear in here, all grade A material

Selling it for $2,400

The drones hard-case can be put on like a backpack, and is padded on the inside.

Heres what you get:

  • 1 Phantom 4 Pro (4k resolution)
  • 1 Phantom 4 Pro Remote
  • 8 Propellers
  • 1 Hard Case, 1 Foam Case (original drone case)
  • 2 DJI Batteries
  • 1 ND4 Filter (helps against bright sunlight)
  • 1 Sun Shade (blocks sunlight from rendering your screen imperceptible)
  • 1 Batterie and Drone Charger
  • 1 Gimbal support (prevents gimbal from breaking during transport)

Reason for sell : I bought this thing somewhere in December-January, and I've flown it two(2) times. I wanted to get into real estate aerial photography but got caught up with college and haven't been able to use it that much.

Type: Drone
Caractéristiques: Volant
Marque: Dji
Dâte d'achat: 2017
Système d'exploitation:
Autonomie (minutes).: 60
Temps de charge (Minutes): 120
Évitement d'obstacle. (Directional Environment Sensing)
Retour automatique. (Back Home )
Suivre un objet en mouvement. (Active Track)
Pilote automatique. (Tapfly)
Commande par reconnaissance gestuel. (Gesture mode)
Vue en direct
Atterrissage automatique
Caméra intégrée: OUI
Résolutions: 4K et +
Nombre de batterie: 2
Set d'hélices
Sac de transport
Carte SD
Support pour tablette et téléphone
Cache soleil
Harnais pour télécommande
Compact: NON

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